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April will Bring a Salary Increase For Government Workers



April will Bring a Salary Increase For Government Workers

April will Bring a Salary Increase For Government Workers. In April 2024, over one million individuals employed in the public service sector are set to receive a salary boost, marking a significant development in the realm of government employment.

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Public Service Salary Increment

Public Service and Administration Minister Noxolo Kiviet has officially announced a 4.7% salary increase for non-senior management service (SMS) workers within the government. This increase, effective from April 2024, encompasses employees across salary levels 1 to 12.

Rationale Behind the Increase

Minister Kiviet decision to implement this salary hike amidst prevailing economic challenges underscores the government’s commitment to striking a balance between fiscal prudence and equitable remuneration. Despite economic constraints, the government acknowledges the indispensable role played by public servants and the imperative of ensuring accessible public services.

Aligning with Economic Realities

The decision to institute a 4.7% salary increment for public servants in 2024 reflects a pragmatic response to prevailing economic conditions. While this increase falls slightly below February’s inflation rate of 5.6%, it remains within the forecasted range of economists, which hovers between 4.5% and 4.7%.

Budgetary Allocation

Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana has earmarked an additional R251.3 billion in the 2024/25 budget to accommodate the augmented salaries within the public service sector. This allocation underscores the government’s commitment to ensuring sustainable and competitive compensation for its workforce.

Emphasis on Professional Development

Minister Kiviet underscores the government’s dedication to fostering the professional growth of public servants through comprehensive training initiatives. This commitment not only acknowledges their contributions but also seeks to attract and retain top talent devoted to national service.


The decision to implement a 4.7% salary increment for government workers in April 2024 signifies the government’s unwavering commitment to equitable compensation and the delivery of quality public services. As the government continues to navigate economic challenges, it remains steadfast in prioritizing the welfare and professional advancement of its valued workforce.

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