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Fake news of a R700 grant is dismissedFake news



Fake news of a R700 grant is dismissedFake news

Fake news of a R700 grant is dismissedFake news . Millions of vulnerable South Africans rely on financial assistance from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) through various grant programs. Unfortunately, recent events highlight the prevalence of scams targeting Sassa beneficiaries, prompting the agency to issue a cautionary statement. Check Also :ZA Student potral

The Fake R700 Grant Scam

A circulating message on social media falsely claimed that Sassa had released an application form for a new grant amounting to R700. Sassa swiftly debunked this claim, emphasizing that the message was fraudulent and did not originate from the agency. The misleading post specifically targeted beneficiaries of the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant, urging them to apply through a dubious link.

History of Sassa Scams

This incident is not an isolated case, as Sassa has previously encountered various scams circulating on social media. As a response, the agency urges South Africans to exercise caution when receiving information, especially through unofficial channels.

Vigilance Against Scams

Sassa underscores the importance of vigilance and offers the following advice:

  1. Verification of Sources: Always confirm the legitimacy of posts by checking official government websites and legitimate organizations.
  2. Grammar and Spelling Checks: Fake posts often contain errors; official communications are typically well-proofread and error-free.
  3. Check URLs: Hover over links without clicking to verify if they match the official website of the organization or agency.
  4. Contact Official Channels: Reach out to government agencies or relevant organizations through official communication channels to verify the authenticity of any grant-related posts.
  5. Avoid Clicking on Links: Exercise caution when encountering links from unknown sources; it’s safer to access official websites directly.

Reporting Suspicious Behavior

Individuals are encouraged to report any suspicious or fraudulent behavior directly to Sassa. The agency provides a toll-free number (0800 60 10 11) and a dedicated email address ( for grant-related inquiries, assistance, and support.

Contacting Sassa

For those needing to contact Sassa directly:

Additionally, serious concerns can be escalated to the Sassa head office, the central administrative body overseeing the grant distribution process.

Official Social Media Channels

Sassa maintains official social media channels to disseminate accurate information. Beneficiaries are advised to follow Sassa on Facebook, Twitter, and visit the official website for updates and announcements regarding grants, including the R350 grant.

For more detailed information about Sassa grants, individuals are directed to the Sassa section on the official website.


Beneficiaries must remain vigilant against fake grant schemes, relying on Sassa’s official channels for accurate information and promptly reporting suspicious activities for a secure social assistance system.

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SASSA SRD Grants Approved Without Payout Date



SASSA SRD Grants Approved Without Payout Date

SASSA SRD Grants Approved Without Payout Date. Millions of people have been approved for a R370 grant payment this month. However, not all of those approved for an SRD grant payment have a payment date.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has revised why approved Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant beneficiaries do not have a payment date. Not having an SRD grant payment date essentially means they will not receive their R370 grant payment.

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Reasons for Missing Payment Dates

Sassa said two main reasons could be behind beneficiaries not having a pay date. This includes incorrect or outdated information.

Missing or Incomplete Banking Information

SASSA grant applicants who haven’t provided any banking details on the SASSA SRD website will not be included in the scheduled payments.

Beneficiaries can rectify this by taking immediate action and updating their bank details on the website.

Postbank Account Request

Previously, Sassa offered to open Postbank accounts for beneficiaries. However, this service is no longer available.

SRD grant applicants who requested this option are advised to either open an account with Postbank themselves and update SASSA with the new details or open an account with a different bank and provide those details to Sassa for SASSA  payment processing.

Cash Send Payment Issues

Beneficiaries who opted for cash send/mobile money payouts and haven’t received their grant might be facing a verification challenge.

SASSA requires beneficiaries’ ID numbers and cellphone numbers to match. Not providing a valid cellphone number will result in delayed R370 grant payments. Beneficiaries are encouraged to provide alternative banking details to facilitate a smooth transfer of the grant amount.

Still No Pay Date For SRD Grant?

Beneficiaries who are approved but haven’t received a payment date and fall outside of the categories mentioned above are encouraged to contact the Sassa Customer Care Call Centre at 0800 60 10 11 for further assistance and investigation.


While the approval of the SRD grant brings relief to many individuals and families in need, the absence of a payment date can be concerning. By understanding the reasons behind this issue and taking proactive steps to update information or seek assistance from Sassa.

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