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Khosa taps NSFAS | money beholds Nzimande



Khosa taps NSFAS | money beholds Nzimande

Khosa taps NSFAS | money beholds Nzimande. In a recent development, stemopnames (recorded voice messages) have surfaced, making serious allegations against Blade Nzimande and Khosa, suggesting improper use of NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) funds. The claims are put forth by Outa (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse), adding a layer of controversy to the situation. Check Also: ZA Student Portal

Stemopnames Unveil Allegations

The stemopnames reveal purported evidence or statements indicating that Blade Nzimande and Khosa may have engaged in activities that raise questions about the proper utilization of NSFAS funds. These stemopnames, in the form of recorded voice messages, serve as the basis for the accusations.

Key Players | Nzimande Khosa and Outa

  • Blade Nzimande: As the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Blade Nzimande holds a significant role in overseeing educational policies, including the distribution and management of NSFAS funds.
  • Khosa: The specific individual referred to as Khosa in the stemopnames is not explicitly mentioned, and further details about their role and connection to the alleged misuse of NSFAS funds may need to be investigated.
  • Outa (Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse): Outa is an organization known for its advocacy against corruption and misuse of public funds. In this case, Outa is the entity presenting the stemopnames and bringing attention to the alleged wrongdoing.

Allegations and Implications | NSFAS Fund Misuse

The stemopnames point towards actions or decisions made by Nzimande and Khosa that allegedly tap into NSFAS funds inappropriately. The implications of such allegations could have far-reaching consequences, affecting the trust and credibility of the NSFAS system.

Calls for Investigation | Seeking Accountability

Given the seriousness of the accusations, there may be calls from various quarters for a thorough investigation into the matter. Stakeholders, including government bodies and educational institutions, may be urged to assess the validity of the stemopnames and take appropriate action to ensure accountability.

It’s important to note that the information provided is based on the given phrase, and any further developments or context may be required to fully understand the situation.


Allegations of NSFAS fund misuse by Nzimande and Khosa, revealed through stemopnames, demand a prompt and thorough investigation to ensure transparency, accountability, and the integrity of educational funding systems.

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NSFAS Reapplication If You Dropped Out?



NSFAS Reapplication If You Dropped Out?

NSFAS Reapplication If You Dropped Out?. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides vital support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, offering bursaries and loans for education expenses. But what happens if you drop out? Do you need to reapply for NSFAS funding? Let’s find out.

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NSFAS Funding

NSFAS assists eligible students with tuition, registration fees, and various allowances, enabling them to focus on their studies without financial worries.

Dropping Out and NSFAS

Life circumstances can lead to a student dropping out of their course. Despite this, you can still qualify for NSFAS funding. However, you must take steps to restart your funding.

Reapplying For NSFAS

If you deregister or drop out, you must reapply for NSFAS if you plan to resume your studies in the future. This ensures you remain eligible for funding.

How to Reapply for NSFAS

Create or Log into Your myNSFAS Account

  • If you have an existing account, log in.
  • If not, create a new account on the myNSFAS portal.

Complete the Application

  • Click on ‘Apply’ and answer the questions on the screen.
  • If required, upload any supporting documents.

Submit Your Application

  • After completing the application, click ‘Submit.’
  • You will receive an application reference number.

Maintaining NSFAS Eligibility

Remember, NSFAS will only fund you if you meet the academic eligibility criteria.


If you dropped out of college or university but wish to return to your studies, you can reapply for NSFAS funding. By following the reapplication process, you can resume your education with the necessary financial support.

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