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Kusile Unit 5 synchronised to the grid for the first time | Eskom



Kusile Unit 5 synchronised to the grid for the first time | Eskom

Kusile Unit 5 synchronised to the grid for the first time | Eskom .In a significant milestone, Eskom announced the synchronization of Kusile Unit 5 to the national grid on December 31, 2023, at 17h22. This development is a crucial step in enhancing South Africa’s power generation capacity.

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New Power Contribution and Testing Phase

Kusile Unit 5 is expected to contribute an additional 800MW to the country’s power system, expanding Eskom’s grid capacity. The unit will undergo testing and optimization over the next six months before being officially incorporated into commercial operation, bolstering the overall Eskom fleet.

Impact of Previous Unit Outages

The absence of Kusile Units 1, 2, and 3, offline for nearly a year due to a flue-gas duct collapse in October 2022, played a significant role in the increased levels of load shedding experienced in South Africa.

Generation Recovery Plan and Future Prospects

Bheki Nxumalo, Eskom’s group executive for generation, emphasized the importance of Kusile Unit 5’s synchronization in the context of the Generation Recovery Plan. This achievement follows the return of three units in September 2023, adding a total of 3,200MW to the grid and improving the energy availability factor (EAF).

Nxumalo expressed gratitude for the commitment displayed by the Kusile Project team and their relentless efforts to ensure the project’s completion.

Positive Outlook and Continued Efforts

Calib Cassim, Eskom’s acting group CEO, highlighted the positive impact of Kusile Unit 5 on South Africa’s economy and expressed commitment to ongoing efforts in the Generation Recovery Plan. The focus remains on improving the performance of the generation fleet to reduce load shedding and minimize reliance on expensive diesel-powered plants.

Future Plans and Environmental Compliance

Eskom provided insights into the progress of construction and commissioning activities at Unit 6, with the completion of the station expected to make Kusile the largest construction project in South Africa and the world’s fourth-largest coal plant. The power station incorporates wet flue gas desulphurisation (WFGD) emissions abatement technology, making it the first in South Africa and Africa to utilize this technology for sulfur dioxide removal.

Additional Updates and Outlook

Repair works on the permanent stack for Kusile Units 1, 2, and 3 are progressing well, and efforts are underway to return Medupi Unit 4 to service by the end of July 2024. Eskom anticipates that these developments, along with the successful completion of Kusile Unit 5, will contribute to the improvement of energy availability and support Eskom’s Generation Recovery Plan.

Addressing Recent Challenges

Eskom acknowledged recent challenges, reporting a decline in plant availability and increased load shedding over the six-month period ending September 30. Despite these challenges, Eskom remains committed to executing a turnaround plan aimed at improving financial and operational performance in the medium to long term.

Load | Shedding Suspension and Future Plans

In a positive update, Eskom recently announced its plan to continue suspending load shedding until at least January 5, citing consistent improvement in generating capacity.

This latest development at Kusile represents a crucial step towards alleviating South Africa’s energy challenges, with Eskom actively working towards a more resilient and sustainable power infrastructure.


Eskom successful synchronization of Kusile Unit 5 marks a vital stride in addressing South Africa’s energy challenges. This achievement contributes 800MW, signaling progress in Eskom’s Generation Recovery Plan.

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New Vacancies at Eskom



New Vacancies at Eskom

New Vacancies at Eskom. Eskom, a leading energy provider, is seeking Storeperson Warehousing x2 to join their team in South Africa (Limpopo). Applicants must have NCV4/NSC3/Grade 12 at NQF Level 4 with 120 Credits and 2 years of relevant experience. Apply by 26 March 2024.

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Minimum Requirements

  • Qualifications: NCV4/NSC3/Grade 12 at NQF Level 4 with 120 Credits
  • Experience: 2 years Stores and Stock management related experience

Skills and Competencies

  • Behavioural: Accountable, Proactive, Punctual, Consistent, Integrity, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Professionalism
  • Leadership: Team player, Motivating teams, Coaching, Mentoring, Developing
  • Knowledge: OHSA, Industrial Relations, Quality Control, Principles of Inventory Management, Legal Liability
  • Skills: Operate Material Handling equipment, Problem solving, Computer Literacy including SAP, Communication, Warehousing skills Program-Internal course
  • Attributes: High Level of Mobility, Physical attributes; No Mental or Physical constraints
  • Assessment: Industrial relations, Communication, Computing, Principles of Inventory Management, OHSA, Behavioural Competencies

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform Warehouse activities
  • Receiving function
  • Storage function
  • Issuing function
  • Conduct preservation activities
  • Operate the materials handling equipment as and when required
  • Adhere to the OHS act and health and Safety regulations
  • Perform administrative activities

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