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New chief executive appointed to head South Africa struggling Eskom power utility



New chief executive appointed to head South Africa struggling Eskom power utility

 New chief executive appointed to head South Africa struggling Eskom power utility .Appointment of Dan Marokane as Chief Executive to Tackle Power Challenges

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 Eskom Struggle and the Search for a Leader

South Africa’s state electricity monopoly, Eskom, has appointed Dan Marokane as its new chief executive, ending a year-long search for leadership. Marokane faces the challenging task of addressing the record blackouts plaguing the nation’s economy and managing the utility’s substantial debt burden.

 Marokane Return to Eskom

Dan Marokane, a former head of group capital at Eskom who departed in 2015, is set to rejoin the utility by the end of March. Eskom emphasized Marokane’s extensive experience in turning around distressed organizations facing visible and pressurized mandates.

Challenges Faced by Eskom

Eskom has witnessed a surge in power cuts to unprecedented levels, primarily attributed to breakdowns in its coal stations due to age, inadequate maintenance, and corruption. These challenges have contributed to South Africa’s economic struggles, with growth projected to be less than 1% this year.

Marokane Priorities and Statement

In a statement, Marokane expressed his commitment to rebuilding the generation capacity of power stations and expanding transmission networks. These efforts aim to facilitate private investment in the grid and alleviate the impact of load shedding on the economy.

Political Implications and Public Outcry

The rolling blackouts have sparked public anger and pose a threat to the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and President Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership ahead of elections. Despite the urgency, the government took months to appoint new leadership for Eskom.

Past Leadership Challenges and Controversies

André de Ruyter, Eskom’s previous chief executive, resigned in February amid accusations of treason and poisoning. The ANC denied involvement, citing de Ruyter’s alleged neglect of addressing issues within the coal fleet.

Eskom Leadership Turnover

Marokane becomes Eskom’s 12th chief executive in the past decade, succeeding Calib Cassim, the acting chief executive following de Ruyter’s departure.

Marokane Recent Experience

Before joining Eskom, Marokane served as the interim chief executive of Tongaat Hulett, a South African sugar producer grappling with corporate collapse.

Eskom Current State and Economic Impact

Despite generating over four-fifths of South Africa’s electricity, Eskom faces rising costs, resorting to expensive diesel standby plants, and losing customers to more reliable energy sources. The government has provided financial support to address Eskom’s $22 billion debt but is also pushing for electricity market reforms to break up the monopoly.

Eskom Path Forward

As Marokane takes the helm at Eskom, his leadership will be pivotal in steering the utility through its challenges, restoring reliability to the power grid, and contributing to the economic recovery of South Africa.


Dan Marokane’s appointment as Eskom’s new CEO signifies hope for addressing power challenges. His leadership will be crucial in overcoming blackouts, restoring trust, and aiding South Africa’s economic recovery.


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New Vacancies at Eskom



New Vacancies at Eskom

New Vacancies at Eskom. Eskom, a leading energy provider, is seeking Storeperson Warehousing x2 to join their team in South Africa (Limpopo). Applicants must have NCV4/NSC3/Grade 12 at NQF Level 4 with 120 Credits and 2 years of relevant experience. Apply by 26 March 2024.

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Minimum Requirements

  • Qualifications: NCV4/NSC3/Grade 12 at NQF Level 4 with 120 Credits
  • Experience: 2 years Stores and Stock management related experience

Skills and Competencies

  • Behavioural: Accountable, Proactive, Punctual, Consistent, Integrity, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Professionalism
  • Leadership: Team player, Motivating teams, Coaching, Mentoring, Developing
  • Knowledge: OHSA, Industrial Relations, Quality Control, Principles of Inventory Management, Legal Liability
  • Skills: Operate Material Handling equipment, Problem solving, Computer Literacy including SAP, Communication, Warehousing skills Program-Internal course
  • Attributes: High Level of Mobility, Physical attributes; No Mental or Physical constraints
  • Assessment: Industrial relations, Communication, Computing, Principles of Inventory Management, OHSA, Behavioural Competencies

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform Warehouse activities
  • Receiving function
  • Storage function
  • Issuing function
  • Conduct preservation activities
  • Operate the materials handling equipment as and when required
  • Adhere to the OHS act and health and Safety regulations
  • Perform administrative activities

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