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Nzimande says OUTA wants his head



Nzimande says OUTA wants his head

Nzimande says OUTA wants his head. Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande faces allegations of kickbacks in a recent investigative report by OUTA. Despite the accusations, the minister has vehemently denied the claims and called for proof from the organization.

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Allegations and Investigative Report

OUTA’s report, supported by leaked recordings, implicates Nzimande, NSFAS Board Chairperson Earnest Khosa, and the South African Communist Party (SACP) in receiving kickbacks related to a lucrative tender for the Direct NSFAS allowance payment system.

Minister Response

Nzimande refutes all allegations and addresses the media to unpack the claims made in the OUTA report. He expresses frustration at facing corruption allegations repeatedly and calls for a meeting with the NSFAS board to address the issues.

Legal Action and Resignation Calls

Despite OUTA’s call for Nzimande and Khosa’s resignation, the minister remains defiant, asserting that he sees no reason to step down. He instructs the NSFAS Board to implement recommendations from the Werksmans Report, including terminating service provider contracts.

OUTA Motivation

Nzimande suspects that OUTA is colluding with its initial targets to bring him and the NSFAS board down. He criticizes OUTA, questioning its motivations and alleging that it serves the interests of the elite.

Media Role and Disruption

The minister urges the media to conduct thorough investigations and accuses OUTA of disrupting the academic year with the release of the report. He questions OUTA’s concern for the plight of poor and working-class students.

Commitment to Anti|Corruption Efforts

While denying the allegations, Nzimande reiterates his commitment to rooting out corruption within NSFAS and his department. He defends his rights as a public representative and challenges the violation of those rights amid corruption allegations.

Audio Recording Controversy

Nzimande denies his involvement in the leaked audio recording, stating that it does not contain his voice. He emphasizes the challenges of being a minister and the need to address false allegations promptly.


The Safripol saga involves serious allegations against Minister Blade Nzimande, prompting a strong denial, calls for proof, and legal action. The situation is complicated by suspicions of collusion, media disruption, and a commitment to anti-corruption efforts despite the controversy.

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NSFAS Reapplication If You Dropped Out?



NSFAS Reapplication If You Dropped Out?

NSFAS Reapplication If You Dropped Out?. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) provides vital support to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, offering bursaries and loans for education expenses. But what happens if you drop out? Do you need to reapply for NSFAS funding? Let’s find out.

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NSFAS Funding

NSFAS assists eligible students with tuition, registration fees, and various allowances, enabling them to focus on their studies without financial worries.

Dropping Out and NSFAS

Life circumstances can lead to a student dropping out of their course. Despite this, you can still qualify for NSFAS funding. However, you must take steps to restart your funding.

Reapplying For NSFAS

If you deregister or drop out, you must reapply for NSFAS if you plan to resume your studies in the future. This ensures you remain eligible for funding.

How to Reapply for NSFAS

Create or Log into Your myNSFAS Account

  • If you have an existing account, log in.
  • If not, create a new account on the myNSFAS portal.

Complete the Application

  • Click on ‘Apply’ and answer the questions on the screen.
  • If required, upload any supporting documents.

Submit Your Application

  • After completing the application, click ‘Submit.’
  • You will receive an application reference number.

Maintaining NSFAS Eligibility

Remember, NSFAS will only fund you if you meet the academic eligibility criteria.


If you dropped out of college or university but wish to return to your studies, you can reapply for NSFAS funding. By following the reapplication process, you can resume your education with the necessary financial support.

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