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Registration For NBT 2024 Is Now Open



Registration For NBT 2024 Is Now Open

Registration For NBT 2024 Is Now Open. The National Benchmark Test (NBT) evaluates a learner’s academic readiness for higher education. It is crucial for learners who want to attend university to register for the NBT exams.

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Test Components

The NBT consists of two tests: Academic Literacy and Quantitative Literacy (AQL), combined into one multiple-choice test, and Mathematics (MAT). AQL assesses readiness for all programmes at universities, while MAT is required for programmes with a mathematics component. Candidates have three hours to complete both sections, with each section being timed.

Registration Process

Prospective university candidates can register on the NBT website at Click on “book a test” and follow the prompts to complete your registration. Upon successful completion, you’ll receive a registration confirmation containing your unique NBT reference number, essential for payment processing.

Testing Options

The NBT Project allows individuals to take the test twice, with the total fee payable each time. Candidates can choose between online or physical venue testing. National writing sessions are scheduled on select Saturdays and Sundays, allowing candidates to plan accordingly.

What You Need For NBT Registration

  • Your official ID book or passport
  • A unique email address
  • City and site where you want to write
  • NBT requirements from the institutions where you plan to apply
  • Date when you want to write
  • Pen and paper to record your username and EasyPay number

Important Notes

The NBT Project does not determine which test a learner must write nor the deadline for submitting results. Most institutions in South Africa post their requirements on their website and in their prospectus. Learners are encouraged to complete the registration process as soon as possible. Registration is date- and venue-specific. If you miss your scheduled test, you must re-register and pay again. You will be able to access your results only if you have paid for any tests for which you were registered.


Registering for the NBT is a crucial step for anyone considering higher education in South Africa. Be sure to complete the registration process early and prepare thoroughly for the exams to maximize your chances of success.

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Matric Result

Late Applications For WCED School Admissions Are Now Open



Late Applications For WCED School Admissions Are Now Open

Late Applications For WCED School Admissions Are Now Open. Thousands of parents have already submitted admission applications for Western Cape schools for the 2025 academic year. However, many learners are still in need of placements.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has received a record number of applications for Grade 1 and 8 learners for the 2025 academic year. Despite the official application period closing on Friday, 12 April 2024, parents who missed the deadline can still submit a late application.

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Late Applications Information

  • Late Application Period: Open now and will close on 12 May 2024.
  • Late Applications Processing: Late applications will only be processed after on-time applications.
  • Assistance: Parents requiring 2025 placement for their children after the completion of the late application period are encouraged to contact district education offices for assistance.

Other Grades and Application Process

For Grade R admissions and transfer requests for Grades 2-7 and 9-11, the application window will be open from August 1, 2024, to August 16, 2024. The WCED provides a straightforward online application process:

WCED Application Process

Registration (if a new user)

  • Visit the WCED online admissions website.
  • Click on “Parent Register”.
  • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Complete the registration form and verify via SMS.

Applying For Admission

  • Login with your ID number and password.
  • Create a Parent/Guardian Profile.
  • Complete the Learner Application (Grades 1 & 8 Only), providing accurate contact information and learner details.
  • Select Schools, rank them in order of preference, and upload required documents.
  • Submit the application and track the status using the learner’s CEMIS number.

The WCED emphasizes the importance of applying early to avoid last-minute complications. Parents who relocate to the Western Cape after the late application window closes or those who missed the deadline for any reason should contact their district office promptly for assistance. For further information, visit the WCED online admissions website.

Contact Information

  • For Assistance: Parents who relocate to the Western Cape after the late application window closes or those who did not apply earlier for any reason must contact their district office as soon as possible for assistance.


The WCED encourages parents to apply early to avoid any last-minute complications. For more information and to apply, visit the WCED online admissions website. Ensure all required documents are submitted for a smooth application process.

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