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South Africans dump Eskom



South Africans dump Eskom

South Africans dump Eskom. South Africa to Appoint Marokane as CEO of Eskom.

In a recent development, South Africa is set to name Marokane as the new CEO of the state-owned utility Eskom, according to Bloomberg. This leadership change comes at a crucial time as Eskom grapples with declining sales and shifts in the country’s energy landscape.

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Eskom Sales Decline Amid Changing Energy Dynamics

Sales Volumes Drop by 5.9% in Interim Results

Eskom’s interim results for the six months ending September reveal a 5.9% decline in sales volumes. The decrease is attributed to supply constraints, leading to load-shedding and load curtailment, coupled with reduced electricity demand from customers amid challenging economic conditions. The impact of increased embedded self-generation, such as solar PV and wind, further contributes to the decline.

Private Sector Taking Over Energy Generation

RMB Morgan Stanley Research Forecasts Private Sector Dominance

Research from RMB Morgan Stanley indicates that South Africa’s private sector is expected to effectively replace Eskom’s generation fleet in the next two years. The utility’s performance has deteriorated significantly, marked by record levels of load-shedding in 2023.

Rise of Solar Installations and Impact on Eskom

Private Sector Filling Void with Rooftop Solar

South Africa is experiencing a surge in solar installations, with over 4,400 MW of rooftop solar installed outside of government-procured solar. This trend is projected to increase by 420% by 2030, impacting Eskom’s revenue. The installation of solar panels on houses and business premises has led to a 2.3% reduction in Eskom’s sales.

Back | Door Privatisation and Economic Perspectives

Economist Dawie Roodt’s Views on Privatisation

Renowned economist Dawie Roodt characterizes the shift as a “back-door privatisation,” with Eskom privatizing its distribution network and partially privatising its generation fleet. However, Roodt clarifies that this is not a policy-driven privatisation but rather a result of the state collapsing, and the private sector stepping in to take over state functions.

Government Stance on Privatisation

Contrasting Views on Eskom’s Future

While the government asserts that it has no intention to privatise Eskom, Deputy Finance Minister David Masondo expresses the Treasury’s opposition to a state monopoly in the energy sector. The government aims to reform the electricity supply industry from a monopolistic to a competitive one, as outlined in the 1998 White Paper of Energy Policy.

Long | Term Vision for Electricity Generation

Eskom’s Role in a Changing Landscape

Despite the ongoing changes in electricity generation, the government maintains that Eskom will not be privatised, and its strategic assets will remain under state control. Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, Gwede Mantashe, emphasizes the government’s commitment to diversifying electricity generation sources while cautioning against the total removal of the public sector from electricity generation. The envisioned future sees Eskom focusing on electricity distribution and purchasing electricity from various entities for resale.


South Africa Eskom faces declining sales amid a private sector surge in solar energy. The nation’s shift towards energy privatization raises economic and policy considerations for the future.

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New Vacancies at Eskom



New Vacancies at Eskom

New Vacancies at Eskom. Eskom, a leading energy provider, is seeking Storeperson Warehousing x2 to join their team in South Africa (Limpopo). Applicants must have NCV4/NSC3/Grade 12 at NQF Level 4 with 120 Credits and 2 years of relevant experience. Apply by 26 March 2024.

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Minimum Requirements

  • Qualifications: NCV4/NSC3/Grade 12 at NQF Level 4 with 120 Credits
  • Experience: 2 years Stores and Stock management related experience

Skills and Competencies

  • Behavioural: Accountable, Proactive, Punctual, Consistent, Integrity, Honesty, Trustworthiness, Professionalism
  • Leadership: Team player, Motivating teams, Coaching, Mentoring, Developing
  • Knowledge: OHSA, Industrial Relations, Quality Control, Principles of Inventory Management, Legal Liability
  • Skills: Operate Material Handling equipment, Problem solving, Computer Literacy including SAP, Communication, Warehousing skills Program-Internal course
  • Attributes: High Level of Mobility, Physical attributes; No Mental or Physical constraints
  • Assessment: Industrial relations, Communication, Computing, Principles of Inventory Management, OHSA, Behavioural Competencies

Key Responsibilities

  • Perform Warehouse activities
  • Receiving function
  • Storage function
  • Issuing function
  • Conduct preservation activities
  • Operate the materials handling equipment as and when required
  • Adhere to the OHS act and health and Safety regulations
  • Perform administrative activities

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