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The Complete Guide to Sassa Application Status



The Complete Guide to Sassa Application Status

The Complete Guide to Sassa Application Status.Once you have applied for your Sassa grant in South Africa, it’s crucial to stay informed about your application status to ensure a timely and accurate payout. This comprehensive guide provides detailed instructions on checking your Sassa application status, understanding payment methods, and addressing application-related concerns. Check Also: ZA Student Portal

SASSA | A Brief Overview

The South Africa Social Security Agency (SASSA) plays a pivotal role in managing grants and allowances for various groups in South African society, including children, older persons, and individuals with disabilities. Notably, SASSA also administers the R350 grant for special relief during the Covid-19 crisis.

Payment Methods

SASSA offers multiple payment methods, including bank transfers, SASSA cards, Post Office transactions, and CashSend. These grants aim to assist recipients in meeting their basic needs.

SRD SASSA Applications and Website Overview

The influx of applications for the SASSA R350 grant led to a surge in traffic to the website. This platform serves as the hub for submitting R350 applications, checking SASSA SRD status, updating banking details, and other essential functions.

SASSA Grant Application and Appeals

If your SASSA grant application is rejected, there is an option to appeal. The SRD appeal link provides an opportunity to contest a decision and seek reconsideration.

Contacting SASSA for Assistance

For those seeking SASSA contact details, including the SASSA contact number, website information, or SASSA Twitter, refer to the provided resources.

Guidelines on Applying for the Sassa R350 Grant

1. Visit the Official SASSA SRD Website

The primary platform for checking the status of your R350 grant application is the SASSA SRD website.

2. Application Details

Have your South African ID number and the mobile number used during the application process readily available.

3. Checking Your Application Status

  • .Navigate to the SRD Grant Section: Locate the section dedicated to the SRD R350 grant on the SASSA SRD website.
  •  Enter Your Details :Input your ID number and mobile phone number in the relevant fields.
  •  Submit for Status :Click on the ‘Submit’ or ‘Check Sassa Status’ button to view the status of your application.
  • 4. Understanding Application Status Responses

a. Application Pending | Your application is still under review.

  •  Application Approved: Your application has been successful, and you should receive your grant soon.
  •  Payment Date Provided: Indicates the date on which you can expect to receive your grant.
  •  Application Declined:  Your application was not successful, often with a reason provided.
  •  Application Inactive: This status appears if you have not claimed your previous month’s grant or if there’s a lapse in the application.

5. If Your Application is Declined

  • Reason for Decline:  Understand why your application was declined. Common reasons include alternative income sources detected or data mismatches.
  • Submit an Appeal: If you believe the decision is incorrect, file an appeal within the specific timeframe provided by SASSA.

6. Appealing a Declined Application

  • Visit the SRD Website: Use the appeal tab or link provided on the SRD website.
  • Submit Required Information: Fill in the necessary details for the appeal process.

7. Regular Updates

  • Keep Checking: SASSA updates application statuses regularly. If your status is ‘Pending,’ check back periodically.

8. Additional Tips

Keep Your Phone Active : Ensure that the mobile number used for the application is operational, as SASSA may send important updates via SMS.

Contact SASSA for Queries : f you have issues or questions, contact SASSA directly through their customer care channels.


Staying informed about your SASSA grant application status is essential. Utilize the provided guidelines, contact SASSA for assistance, and monitor updates for a smooth process.


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Appeals For May 2024 SASSA Grants R370



Appeals For May 2024 SASSA Grants R370

Appeals For May 2024 SASSA Grants R370. Every month, thousands of South Africans apply for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, provided by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa). While many applications are successful, some are unfortunately rejected. If your application for the R370 Sassa grant for May 2024 has been turned down, don’t lose hope – you have the option to appeal.

Check Also: ZA Student Portal

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa)

distributes several permanent grants aimed at assisting financially vulnerable people living in South Africa. Grants include the Older Persons pension grant, Disability grant, War Veterans grant, Care Dependency grant, Foster Child grant, Child Support grant, Child Support grant Top-Up, and Grant-in-aid. Since 2020, Sassa has also provided the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant to unemployed individuals.

The initial value for the SRD grant was R350 per month. In March 2024, the Finance Minister announced an increase, setting the value at R370 per month, effective since 1 April.

SRD grant applications are accepted monthly. Some R370 Sassa grant applications will be rejected, prompting Sassa to allow rejected applicants to submit a Sassa appeal.

The R370 SRD Grant

Initially set at R350 per month, the SRD grant saw an increase in March 2024, with its value now standing at R370 per month, effective from April 1.

Submitting an SRD Grant Appeal Application

If your application for the R370 Sassa grant has been rejected, you have the option to appeal. Follow these steps to lodge an appeal:

  1. Visit the SRD grant appeals Sassa website.
  2. Click on the green bar labeled ‘click here to lodge an appeal or check Sassa appeal status’.
  3. Enter your ID number and cellphone number.
  4. Click ‘send pin’ and wait for the verification pin to arrive via SMS.
  5. Enter the pin and click ‘submit’.
  6. Select the month you are appealing for and choose the reason for your appeal from the drop-down menu.
  7. Click ‘submit’.

Tracking Your Sassa SRD Grant Appeal Status

After submitting your appeal, it’s essential to track its status. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Sassa Appeals Website.
  2. Enter your ID number and telephone number.
  3. Click ‘track appeal’.

Alternatively, you can inquire about your appeal status by calling the Sassa Call Centre at 0800 601 011.

Don’t be disheartened if your initial application is rejected. By following the appeal process, you stand a chance of receiving the much-needed financial assistance provided by the R370 Sassa grant for May 2024. Stay informed and persistent throughout the process to ensure your appeal receives the attention it deserves.


The ability to appeal a rejected R370 SASSA grant application offers hope to those in need. By following the simple steps outlined, applicants can potentially secure the financial assistance they require, ensuring their well-being during challenging times.

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