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Are TVET College Results Announced?



Are TVET College Results Announced?

TVET College Results.The academic year of 2022 is coming to an end, leaving Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) college students eagerly anticipating the release of their examination results. Here’s a detailed schedule outlining when these results will be made available. Check Also : ZA Student Portal

Umalusi Approval Dates

Umalusi, the council responsible for quality assurance in education and training in South Africa, is scheduled to approve the TVET results for National Certificate (Vocational) students on 13 January 2023. On the same day, the results for Engineering studies will also receive approval.

Results Approval for Engineering and Business Studies

Following the initial approvals, Umalusi will subsequently approve the Engineering studies results on 16 January 2023. Simultaneously, the results for Business studies will also be given the green light on this day.

Release Dates for Students

Students attending TVET colleges will have access to their results directly at their respective campuses. The release dates for different disciplines are as follows:

  • National Certificate (Vocational): 16 January
  • Engineering Studies: 16 January
  • Business Studies: 18 January

It is essential for students to stay informed about communication from their campuses regarding the specific locations and procedures for collecting their results.

Government Initiatives to Address Graduate Unemployment

In a proactive move to address the persistently high graduate unemployment rate, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a significant intervention. The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) has committed to placing 10,000 TVET college graduates in workplaces, starting from April 2022. This initiative aims to enable graduates to complete their qualifications, thereby enhancing their employability or supporting the establishment of their own small businesses.

Progress Towards Placement Targets

As part of this initiative, the Parliament’s Select Committee on Education and Technology, Arts, and Culture reports substantial progress. Over 7,000 graduates have already been successfully placed, and the committee expresses confidence that the targeted 10,000 placements will be achieved by the end of March 2023.

This initiative not only addresses the immediate concerns of graduate unemployment but also contributes to the broader goals of enhancing skills, fostering entrepreneurship, and ultimately strengthening the workforce.

These developments underline the government’s commitment to empowering TVET college graduates and creating pathways for their success in the evolving job market.


The release of TVET college results is eagerly awaited, coinciding with government efforts to address graduate unemployment. The initiatives signify a commitment to empower and enhance opportunities for students.

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Coastal TVET College Study Requirements



Coastal TVET College Study Requirements

Coastal TVET College Study Requirements. Understanding the requirements to study at Coastal TVET College is important for ensuring a smooth and successful application process. By knowing these requirements, you can determine if you meet the necessary qualifications and prerequisites for your desired programme.

This knowledge allows you to prepare any required documentation, fulfill any additional criteria, and make informed decisions about your educational journey.

Check Also: ZA Student Portal

Matriculation Certificate or Equivalent

One of the primary requirements for admission to NATED Report 191 courses at Coastal TVET College is a Matriculation Certificate or an equivalent qualification. This certificate demonstrates that you have successfully completed your secondary education and have met the academic standards required for further education.

If you don’t have a Matriculation Certificate, you may need to provide an equivalent qualification recognized by the college. For NCV courses, a minimum of a Grade 9 certificate is required.

Age Requirements

While there is no strict age limit for admission to Coastal TVET College, you must be at least 16 years old to enroll in most programmes. Some specialized courses may have higher age requirements depending on the nature of the training and any industry regulations governing the field.

Language Proficiency

Since communication at Coastal TVET College is primarily delivered in English, proficiency in the language is essential for successful participation in classes and coursework. You need to demonstrate your English language proficiency through standardized tests or by providing evidence of completing previous education in English-medium institutions.

Program-Specific Requirements

Certain programs at Coastal TVET College may have additional requirements for the specific skills and knowledge needed for that particular field. These requirements could include relevant work experience, portfolios showing your previous projects, or specific academic prerequisites in related subjects.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you don’t meet the traditional academic requirements but have relevant work experience or prior learning in your chosen field, you may still be eligible for admission through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. RPL acknowledges and assesses your existing skills and knowledge, allowing you to gain credit or exemptions for relevant parts of your chosen program.

Application Process

Once you’ve determined that you meet the necessary requirements for your desired program at Coastal TVET College, the next step is to complete the application process. This involves filling out an application form, providing certified copies of your academic qualifications, and paying any applicable application fees.


Ultimately, knowing the requirements sets you on the right path toward achieving your academic and career aspirations at Coastal TVET College.

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